Why do elderly gps phones often go offline?

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The elderly gps phone helps us locate the vehicle in real time when it's online. Under normal circumstances, if the device wants to conduct real-time positioning, the device must be in the online state, once the locator is offline, the device cannot locate the location of the vehicle.

So why do elderly gps phones often go offline?

The online and offline status of elderly gps phones is greatly affected by several aspects: the first is the signal problem where the locator is located, the second is the status of the locator card, the third is the installation problem of the locator itself and the power problem of the locator.

Many of today's locators will have a device low power alarm function. Under normal circumstances, before the device is about to run out of power, the user will receive a low battery reminder from the locator, as long as the user charges the device in time before the device is completely out of power, the device is usually not offline. If it is the problem of card arrears with equipment, generally as long as the card is recharged in time, the device will not often be offline.

Then, if the device is often offline, we can consider that there is a problem with the signal reception of the device. The reason for the problem of equipment reception is likely to be a problem in the installation position of the equipment. If the device is displaced, then the device signal reception is likely to have problems, which may cause the device to often receive the signal, generally as long as the installation position of the device is adjusted.

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