Customized Aeration blower

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Customized Aeration blower About Us Company Profile Shandong Yilu Jinhang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shinan District, Qingdao City, a coastal city. It is a young and dynamic diversified company engaged in the production and sales of mechanical equipment castings, mechani

Customized Aeration blower About Us Company Profile Shandong Yilu Jinhang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shinan District, Qingdao City, a coastal city. It is a young and dynamic diversified company engaged in the production and sales of mechanical equipment castings, mechanical processing contracting, OEM production of fluid conveying products, and agency sales of various pump products. The company has gradually developed from producing and selling high-quality cast iron, stainless steel, and copper castings to providing mechanical processing services. Since 2013, the company has entered the field of fluid conveying products, providing production of Roots blowers and centrifugal pumps to well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers through OEM production. In 2017, the company began to sell Roots blower screw pump, a well-known brand at home and abroad, to provide high-quality fluid delivery products and accessories to land environmental protection equipment, marine equipment, petrochemical, electric machinery and other fields. At present, the company's main business products and services include: producing various materials of cast iron castings, stainless steel castings, copper alloy castings, and providing casting processing services; Acting sales of centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, screw pump, vacuum pumps, roots blowers and other fluid delivery products; Undertake the production of OEM, ODM and welding products of various materials of centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, screw pump; Mechanical product processing services, etc. At present, we have relevant product processing factories in Qingdao and Jinan, Shandong Province (for casting, mechanical processing, pump product production and sales), Zhuji, Zhejiang Province (for small copper product casting and processing), Tongling, Anhui Province (for large copper castings), and Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. At present, the main overseas customers are located in countries such as Japan, the United States, Israel, Austria, the Netherlands, and South Korea. Development History 2009 In March 2009, a joint venture foundry was established in Chengyang District, Qingdao to produce cast iron castings 2010 In September 2010, a joint venture processing factory was established in Jinan, Shandong to begin the production and sales of wind turbine products 2011 In June 2011, we jointly invested in a mechanical processing factory in Chengyang District, Qingdao, and began the production and sales of pump products 2013 In September 2013, a copper alloy casting factory was established through cooperative investment in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and copper product casting began 2015 Established a joint venture stainless steel casting and processing factory in Zhuji, Zhejiang in April 2015 2017 Established a strategic partnership with Qingdao University of Science and Technology in June 2017 2021 In June 2021, Shandong Yilu Jinhang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established to unify the sales and service business of related joint venture products 2023 Establish a graduate practice base with the Fluid Engineering Experimental Center of Jiangsu University in April 2023 Why Choose Us? Competitive Advantage The company integrates casting, processing, and commerce, and has extensive technical cooperation with leading domestic universities in the professional field. Therefore, we can provide customers with higher quality, faster, and more reliable product services. Industry Status The quality level of cast iron products is at the leading level in China. Provide OEM production for the top 10 well-known manufacturers in the world in the field of centrifugal pumps and gear pumps. RD Capability The company has 13 pump technology research and development personnel, including 4 graduate students. We have established a graduate practice base with the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Qingdao University of Science and Technology, a long-term industry university research cooperation relationship with Ocean University of China, and a graduate practice base with the Fluid Engineering Experimental Center of Jiangsu University. Team Introduced The average age of current employees in the company is 32 years old, and it is a team full of vitality, positive challenges, and unity and progress. The company has 13 technical research and development personnel, including 4 graduate students (1 in casting technology) and 9 undergraduate students (4 in casting technology). About Company Corporate Strategy Focusing on fluid conveying products, we focus on developing the casting, processing, and research and development of pump products, promoting product related diversification, and maintaining stable development of the enterprise with high-quality products and reliable services. Company Mission By providing high-quality products and fast services, we continuously and stably create maximum value for global customers and shareholders, thereby continuously improving employee benefits and making their lives happier and happier. Corporate Vision Becoming an excellent and reliable supplier in the field of global fluid transportation products and casting products. Company Philosophy Continuously challenging new things, daring to explore new methods and products is the source of our customer recognition and continuous value acquisition Company Values Customer First:Our revenue comes from the value recognized by customers, so all actions should be centered on meeting customer needs. Shared value:The company shares profits with all employees, and the company does not sacrifice individual interests of employees as a means of profit. Employees also do not harm collective interests for personal gain. Unity and cooperation: In our work, we advocate both teamwork and respect individuality. The power of a person is limited, while the power of a team is infinite. Everyone carries a heavy burden, and only through cooperation can we achieve our common goals. Honesty and integrity:Do not do things that violate morality and law, work steadfastly, and be honest and upright. Honesty and integrity are not only the foundation of being a person, but also the cornerstone of our mutual interaction and happy cooperation. CEO's Message Thank you very much for following and browsing our company website. We are a young and dynamic company based on casting, mechanical processing, and commercial logistics, with the core business of producing and selling fluid conveying pump products as our agent. We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable products and services to global customers. We firmly believe that only by creating and adding added value to customers through cooperation can enterprises survive, and with this goal, we continuously seek technological and product innovation. Exploration, innovation, and challenge are the foundation of our existence and the guarantee of our ability to continuously provide you with high-quality services. The encouragement and encouragement from our customers are the driving force for our continuous growth. Therefore, we sincerely look forward to establishing a happy, honest, and win-win cooperation and communication with you! Thank you again for your attention and support! Customized Aeration blower website: