Diablo 4: Hold Your Ground World Event Introduction, Guide, and Rewards

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Are you a friendly player who will save NPCs? Show yourself in Hold Your Ground world event of Diablo 4, and choose to save NPCs or just yourself. You will know if you have enough power to do justice in a cruel world.

One more event means one more chance to get rewards that may include something you need. Gold, items, XP, etc. Learn more about Hold Your Ground world event with this article and get its rewards.

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Introduction to Hold Your Ground World Event

Hold Your Ground world event is a kind of optional quest and you may encounter it all over the world. Like other events, it can be found with an orange circle. You will find an injured Wanderer and he needs your help to heal and leave.

The difficulty of these events is not too high, but do not take it lightly. You need to protect an NPC in this event, which is more complex than Waves of Darkness.

Guide to Hold Your Ground World Event

Enter the event area and talk to Wanderer, then waves of enemies will spawn and attack you. Be careful that you need to protect Wanderer alive. Wanderers tend to dive headfirst into fights, which is so stupid and means it is not easy to keep him alive. Defeat five waves of enemies to complete the event and achieve mastery completion if Wanderer survives.

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Rewards of Hold Your Ground World Event

The rewards of these world events are mostly the same. You can get gold, XP, and a Greater Radiant Chest. The chest may include crafting materials, gems, equipment, and Murmuring Obols. You will get more Murmuring Obols if you get mastery completion.

I think the hardest part of this event is keeping Wanderer alive. It will be a lot easier if he just hides behind you. I hope this article helps you. Good luck.