Diablo 4: Defiled Ground World Event Introduction, Guide, and Rewards

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Try to get more valuable things from different kinds of world events in Diablo 4. You will learn more about Defiled Ground world event and how to complete it and what you can get.

There are so many different kinds of world events in Diablo 4. These events enrich the content of the game and make it more interesting. You can also get more gold, XP, and powerful D4 Items like Legendary items from these events. Learn more about Defiled Ground world event and deal with it better with this article.

Introduction to Defiled Ground World Event

Defiled Ground world event is a common event and can be found around the game world, which is marked with an orange circle. It is an optional quest that gives you more chances to get gold, XP, and more. You shouldn't miss it.

This event can be done in 2-4 minutes and has easier difficulty than dungeons. But similar to dungeons, you need to kill many enemies to complete the event.

Guide to Defiled Ground World Event

To complete this event, you must destroy the construct, which looks like a bloody orb. Monsters will continue to spawn around the construct during the event, so you need to be careful. Kill these enemies while continuing to attack the construct.

Channelers will periodically spawn and cast shields on the construct. You need to kill them and keep attacking the construct. An elite enemy will spawn once you destroy the construct. Defeat it and you will complete this event successfully.

This is an easy event and can be done quickly. If you feel tough with this event, getting some useful items or gold at MMOWTS - Best Place To Buy Diablo 4 Gold, may make it easier for you.

Rewards of Defiled Ground World Event

For the standard objective, you must survive the attack. You will get gold, XP, and a Greater Radiant Chest. You can get some useful things including crafting materials, gems, equipment, and Murmuring Obols from the chest. You can use Murmuring Obols to buy items with The Purveyor of Curiosities. For the mastery objective, you must destroy the construct successfully. You will get more Murmuring Obols in this case.

These world events are easy to complete and offer great rewards, maybe not too much. Anyway, it is worth doing. I hope this article can help you. Thanks for reading.