Diablo 4: Iron Hold Dungeon Introduction, Guide, and Rewards

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Legendary items are always wanted by players. Some dungeons offer a high chance of getting them. Iron Hold Dungeon is one of these dungeons in Diablo 4. Learn more about it with this article and get Legendary items!

Dungeons offer players gold, XP, and powerful items. Some dungeons offer much better items like Iron Hold dungeon, which means it is worth repeating to get more Legendary items. Good rewards mean high difficulty. I will tell you more about this dungeon in this article. Do not miss it.

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Introduction of Iron Hold Dungeon

Iron Hold dungeon is like a prison, and it is located at Ruins of Rkhat Keep in Hawezar. Most of the enemies here are Demons and Ghosts, and a boss called Scourge of the Land.

It's a big dungeon. You may need to spend some time traveling through this dungeon as you complete your goals there. This dungeon has a high density of elite enemies and is fast to complete. That's why it is one of the best dungeons to farm XP and Legendary items.

Guide to Iron Hold Dungeon

The first scene here is Awoken Cells and you need to kill Malevolent Spector to get Jailer's Key. It is an elite enemy with several buffs, which means it is dangerous, and it is marked as a skull icon on your mini-map. After this, unlock the door with the key and follow the path to a room where you must survive for 30 seconds under enemy attacks to destroy the barrier that blocks your way.

Following the path and going on, you will enter the Halls of Malice and need to find two Bloodstones and return to the pedestals. It is a big area and you can only take one stone at a time. This is the kind of quest that often occurs in dungeons, nothing special. You can get into Heinous Confines to face the boss when you are done.

Scourge of the Land has several attack modes, including hitting his mace on the ground twice and creating a red pool, which deals AoE damage. He can also attack you with his mace directly. It is not hard to avoid. Just like other bosses, he can also summon demons to fight for him.

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Rewards of Iron Hold Dungeon

Not much different from other dungeons, you can get 30 Renown and a Legendary Aspect Fastblood Aspect, which can only be used by Necromancer. Sadly, this is an almost useless Aspect.

It is one of the best places to farm XP and items. You can find many elites in the second part of the dungeon, which is about Bloodstones. Elites are the key to farming. I hope this article helps you. Thanks for reading.